Pink hearted manicure

I hate to be the party pooper, but…it’s exam season!I know it, you know it…all the students around the world know it. And what do we do while we should be studying like crazy?Well, i don’t know if i can speak for all the ladies out there (but i’m pretty sure i can) –> we paint are nails,  because we keep staring at our hands while reading books and making significant notes, they simply have to look pretty. And not just pretty, they have to look perfect!So we get creative…and this is the result –>

I used: Kiko 376 ~ 2 coats, Essence Romeo ~ for the heartOpi ~ Pirouette My Whistle (1 coat) and Sinful Colors ~Staring at Stars (1 coat)


…This has to be my favourite pastel pink in my collection…

I had so much fun doing this manicure…i almost looks like something form the candy store with this pastel pink and all the glitters.

I really enjoyed playing around with different polishes, and especially with that little heart…if you would like to see a how to tutorial, please let me know in the comments and i will make one for you. If you want to try it right away i suggest you visit, cause that’s where i got the idea form.

So, what kind of things do you do while studying?Do you cook like a pro, or clean the whole house?I’m sticking with manicures for now, but i already have some delicious recipes i’m dying to try out.

Have a great day ladies,

xxx, M


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