Summerish wardrobe update

Gosh, it’s so difficult to write THE first post after such a long time. I mean, i know it’s just a post, but then again it’s the first one and i really want it to represent the new start of this blog perfectly.  Well, i  have to start somewhere! So here i am, starting from scratch. I can’t put all my ideas and wishes into one post, but i hope you’ll get a glimpse of what this blog is all about through more posts and time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what i wanted to post first, and an outfit post came to mind. Sadly that could not be done, thanks to the swelling on my face (which is fading away now, but the bruise is still visible and it just looks like someone punched me in the face…not that someone did!, i just had my wisdom teeth removed). So, then i thought i would surprise you with some super duper manicure, and that fell into water as well, since my nails are not in a very decent shape at the moment (i bought Essie Nourish me nail polish, which i’m currently using and i will write a review as soon as i see some results, i promise).

I then i remembered…it’s not the most original post ever written, i totally get that, but it’s a start. I wouldn’t say i went a little crazy a few days ago in Zara, but i did buy a few nice things and i  can’t wait to wear them. Here is what i bought –>

First of all, i’ve been looking for the perfect blue jeans for some time now, and i think these are great for multiple reasons. They look chic and blue is so easy to work with as far as styling goes.


Ok, now…i’ve never ever bought a pair of white jeans before!But this pair was sold to me as soon as i tried them on (i was trying them on for fun, never thought they would actually look good on me).  Perfect summer pair right?

5899054251_2_1_3 5899054251_2_4_3

I absolutely needed a white summerish blouse in my wardrobe and found it. I already wore it and it looks awesome.


And last but not least…i had to get this cute orange top. I just loved the colour so much, i didn’t think twice before getting it.


So here it is, my latest shopping spree…i think i covered the basics for this summer and refreshed my wardrobe properly.

How about you dear readers?What is your go to colour this season?

6 Responses to “Summerish wardrobe update”
  1. XeRyckM0NHEn says:

    501154 283630i always enjoy to do blog hopping and i stumbled upon your blog .”~; 849311

  2. Gita says:

    Super post in super ideje :). Moram malo na brskanje v Zaro <3.


  3. Živa says:

    Ful si krasne stvari kupila! ❤ Js sm tut gledala uno belo srajčko, pa nasplošno majo res hude stvari, sam so waaay too expensive za moj budget trenutno. 😦 Komi čakam, da te vidim v unih belih hlačah! In pa of course, sooooooooo glad to have you back! xxx

    • Hvala bejb ❤ srajčka je res super, sem iskala tako iz bombaža že dlje časa…povsod je samo še poliester :/ hihi, ja no, bele hlače 😀 se bom pokazala!

      I'm happy to be back ❤

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